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Dendritic Nanotechnologies (DNT), a Mt. Pleasant based company, has announced that they are able to mass-produce dendrimer nanostructures. A dendrimer is a type of polymer that branches out like a tree from a central point; they are more stable than traditional plastics and polymers, and are able to encapsulate other particles. The new Priostar particles are capable of being mass-produced, and yet maintain the FDA guidelines for delivery devices for needed medicines and other precision uses. This is the first notice of a mass-producible nanostructure, meaning that DNT has a real coup on the market.

Nanostructures have so many uses that it's unbelievable. One of the advantages of DNT's approach is that they make structures of various sizes by connecting new generations of particles together. Think of it using Tinkertoys; at the center, there's a ball-shape, which is connected to extensions outward. That layer has ball-shapes of its own, which allow another layer on top of it; making the structure larger without wasting a lot of mass. Each generation makes a larger structure, which translates into specific uses. For instance, a G3 (generation 3) structure may fall through a blood vessel, while a G5 structure would follow the vessel, targeting various points on the body.

DNT Press Release on Priostar technology
Dendritic Nanotechnologies main website
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